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Natural Resources / Public Lands / Water Law / Environmental Law

Natural Resources, Water, Public Lands and Environmental Law matters are among ALG's core practice areas.  Examples of the kinds of issues ALG handles include: 

Providing legal services for permitting, compliance and regulatory issues involving agencies overseeing Wyoming's resource industries, such as the Department of Environmental Quality, State Engineer/Board of Control and Office of State Lands and Investments.

Advising and representing clients in proceedings involving development projects on federal lands (e.g., oil and gas plans of development, participation in RMP Revisions or EIS and planning document processes, BLM State Director Reviews, IBLA matters, ESA issues).  

Advising clients on permitting and adjudication of water rights before the State Engineer and Board of Control, and handling contested water matters and petitions in proceedings before the water agencies (e.g., changes in use, place of use or point of diversion, temporary use agreements, abandonment petitions, groundwater applications in control areas). 

Representing clients in compliance and enforcement matters brought by regulators, challenges to permits and appeals of permits, judicial review of agency action, intervention in proceedings brought by non-governmental organizations, and similar proceedings involving regulatory agency action. 

Early participation in planning of development projects that require environmental review or permitting to assist in identifying and resolving potential legal and permitting issues at the earliest possible stage, so that necessary approvals can be obtained or modifications can be incorporated into plans to minimize objections, delays or hurdles to project completion.   


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