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Easements, Eminent Domain and Split Estates

Much of the firm's practice is devoted to eminent domain, easements and split estate disputes.  The firm has filed eminent domain proceedings to establish pipeline easements, utility easements, power transmission easements, subsurface gas storage reservoirs, easements for fiber optic cables, microwave stations, roads, highways and other types of takings and easements.  The firm is often involved in litigation relating to easement disputes and has obtained a number of temporary restraining orders and injunctions to prevent interference with easement or license agreements, or to avoid interference with construction or operation of pipelines, telecommunication lines and other utilities. In conjunction wth the easement litigation ALG is often asked to defend claims for inverse condemnation, trespass and breach of contract.

The firm also handles disputes between mineral and surface owners, particularly with respect to production of Coalbed Methane Gas in the Powder River Basin and other parts of Wyoming. The firm routinely handles other real estate matters involving contracts and related land disputes.  

Mr. Ditto is a former Special Assistant Attorney General for the State of Wyoming, representing the Department of Transportation on highway condemnations.  He is the author of the Wyoming chapter for the American Bar Association's Fifty State Compendium On Eminent Domain, which is available to members of the Association on the ABA website.

Included is a list of representative cases relating to this area of practice in which the firm has been involved.  The firm also prints a guide referred to as the "Wyoming Handbook" on Easements, Eminent Domain and Split Estates and provides copies of the book to the firm's clients.


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